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270˚ Studios

a creative space in los angeles, calif.

about the space

270˚ Studios is a multi-functional space located in the industrial area of Atwater Village, on the border of Glendale. We're a stone's throw from Cinelease and the Golden Road Brew Pub. This unassuming spot was once a train depot of sorts - the remaining tracks in the back prove it - and now, after a significant amount of applied elbow grease, it's been revitalized and repurposed as part production studio, part woodworking studio, all creative space.


400 sf front studio + 800 sf woodshop + 800 sf main studio
large barn door entry + large inner barn doors
outdoor deck
vanity areas
privacy screens for wardrobe changes
blackout blinds
lighting equipment
seamless backdrops
white wall
gritty textured wall
furniture + plants + various decor

Email us or visit the rental links below for more details.

about us

We’re Allison and Matthew, partners in life and business since 2012. Together we run Tandem Photo and 270˚ Craftworks. Allison is the photographer and woodworking assistant, Matthew is the woodworker and photography assistant. We worked out of our apartment for seven years but now we’re thrilled to have this space for our own endeavors and to make it available to other creators too.

renting the studio

Find our rental listing on

Or reach out directly via email to tell us about your project.